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Now more than ever, it’s important to be prepared. That means something different for everyone, but it almost always involves storing more emergency supplies and equipment. Whether your readiness plan calls for a major renovation of your storage space or just a few minor adjustments, Spacesaver is here to help.

No Collection is Standard

As museums grow and change to reflect changes in their communities, museum professionals need smart ways to preserve collections, promote better access, and plan for the future.

Gain insights from top museum collections care professionals and space planners. Download 11 Tips for Designing Collection Areas.

Funding Tip:

Keep board members and other stakeholders focused on collections.

“Don’t use the word ‘storage’ when proposing changes to collections care areas. Frame it as an operations project: it’s about preservation and protocol. It’s about working smarter, working safer, and providing better access.” – Walt Crimm

Future of Collection Care in Museum Preservation Practices

Smart Space Planning

Preserving the past is central to any museum’s mission, but so is planning for an uncertain future. Adjust to changing needs through intelligent space planning and the right collections care equipment.

Uncrowd Museum Collection
promote access to collections


If your collections storage areas are overflowing, follow our step-by-step process to create an uncrowding plan.

Optimizing Space

Optimize your current museum collections storage space, even if you’re planning a renovation or construction project later.

Projected Growth

With smart planning, you can create collections spaces that are designed right from the start to keep pace with future acquisitions.

Modular – Flexible – Configurable

The Future of Collections Care

Viking cabinets are known for their enduring strength. Now we’re introducing a new level of flexibility and interior configurability with the new 920 series.

Viking Preservation Cabinet

Proven Performace

Mitigating Fire Damage

A 920 Viking by Spacesaver cabinet was used in a burn simulation for a prominent museum in the DC area. Although the side of the cabinet reached approximately 900 degrees Celsius (1650 degrees Fahrenheit), there was no water within the cabinet from the sprinkler discharge and items in plastic bags inside the cabinet were unaffected by smoke and soot.

Museum Cabinets - Mitigating fire damage

exceeded standard Exceeded Standard

Air Exchange Rates

Spacesaver 920 Cabinet Solid Doors

8.1 – 15.8 days

Reducing Resource Use

In an attempt to conserve resources, some institutions are experimenting with rolling HVAC shutdowns and reducing outside air intake. Well-sealed cabinets protect objects stored inside by maintaining constant conditions, and third-party testing has proven that Viking cabinets’ air exchange rates exceed recommended standards (8.1 – 15.8 days for solid metal doors and 2.6 – 3.3 days for visual doors).

The Best is Even Better

WIth the acquisition of Viking Metal Cabinet Company in 2016, Spacesaver has redefined the future of collections care. Featuring exceptional craftsmanship, unique accessories, and interior configurability, Viking museum cabinets have been selected to protect collections at the Smithsonian, the Field Museum, and other institutions throughout North America and around the world.

A network of expertise

Our full-time project managers team up with our nation-wide network of museum collections care consultants to help plan your project, coordinate installation, and maintain your solutions for years to come.








Years of


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To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us today for a free on-site space assessment. Your local Spacesaver museum storage consultant will carefully measure your available space, discuss your collections, and recommend solutions that will save space, maintain accessibility, and preserve your collections for generations to come.