Ivy League University

In order to incorporate its 200,000-piece art collection into its teaching and study programs, and in an effort to upgrade to modern storage standards, this University created the Margaret and Angus Wurtele Study Center on its West Campus area. Even before Viking was acquired by Spacesaver in 2016, the companies worked together to install high-quality museum cabinets on compactors at the Center.

Viking maximized the facility’s vertical space by designing museum cabinets that totaled the exact 111” available. These cabinets use a combination of a custom, hybridized system of removable and permanent drawers along with glass-front displays that were engineered to provide a controlled microclimate. Spacesaver’s compact mobile storage systems eliminate wasted aisle space, creating a convenient and efficient way to store items when they’re not in use or on display.

Spacesaver’s local distributor and its project management team worked in partnership with the project architect and other vendors to achieve successful completion. The end result is a sleek, functional, open learning environment that “answers the question of what kinds of facilities are possible,” according to the principal architect, Jeff Weatherston.

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