Oversized Museum Cabinet

Easily portects large artifacts and speimens.

The colossal Viking Model 395 is an oversized museum cabinet offering 181 cubic feet of storage capacity. It’s ideal for holding large specimens and artifacts. The bi-fold doors on this extra-large museum cabinet make it easy to access stored items, and the doors can lift completely off to facilitate access to multiple cabinets at the same time. A wide variety of optional accessories — including Viking’s unique multichannel shelves, which allow you to add or remove segments to adjust shelf depth — make it easy to customize this versatile cabinet to accommodate virtually any storage need.

oversized museum cabinet

Engineered for excellence.

Viking by Spacesaver steel museum cabinets have been selected to protect collections at prestigious institutions in North America and around the world. Our closed-cell gasket seals help ensure protection from dust and other contaminants, and the cabinets’ non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish provides durability and a clean appearance.



1 1/4″ High Heavy-Duty

Full-Width   Shelves-Full  

Shelves can include an Adjustable Hat Shelf/Coat Rod Unit or a Textile Unit.


2 3/4″ High Drawer

Full-Width  Drawer_1-5_Full

5″ High Drawer

Full-Width   Drawer_3-5_Full


Note: This cabinet’s large size can result in logistical challenges during delivery. Ask your local Spacesaver consultant about delivery options, including on-site assembly.





Oversize Museum Cabinet Model 395

oversized museum cabinet

Full Height 395

Featuring lift-off bi-fold doors, the Model 395 is an extra-large museum cabinet that can be fitted with drawers, trays, or shelves.

Width Depth Height Weight
94 1/2 49-29/32 78 3/4 700

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