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A modular, configurable cabinet that changes right along with your collections.

New Viking Preservation Cabinet Model 920 Series

In the ever-changing world of collections care, flexibility is key. Collections are constantly growing and evolving, and new preservation methods and new collecting priorities are continually emerging. Adaptability and efficient workflows are even more crucial as budget constraints force staff to do more with less.

At the same time, preserving collections are at the very core of a museum’s mission. It’s our mission, too, and that’s why we’ve designed a new cabinet series that combines the best of both worlds. The new Viking Preservation Cabinet Model 920 Series provides sturdy protection inside and out, along with innovative modularity and configurability. These cabinets form the core of collections care spaces that stand the test of time.

An interior that changes with your collections



  • Pick from 2 different interior panel styles.
  • Change up interior panels as your collection grows.
  • Stationary or mount on compactors.
  • Standard and custom sizing.
  • Stack cabinets if needed.
  • Adjustable ventilation options.

Accessible Collection Cabinets


  • Solid steel doors or glass doors for visibility.
  • Classic Hansen D-ring or modern Emka style handle.
  • Lift-off doors.

Durable Collection Cabinets


  • Fully welded construction.
  • Solid steel.
  • Fully integrated forkliftable base.

Secure Collection Cabinets


  • Industry-leading seal.
  • Three-point latching system.
  • Non-off-gassing powder-coat paint.

Our Most Popular Sizes

The new 920 series was designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. Available in full or counter height and virtually unlimited custom dimensions, the cabinets are modular, stackable, and can be free standing or mounted on compact mobile systems.

Conservation Cabinet Custom Sizes

Museum Cabinets - Prevent fire and water damage

Preventing Fire & Water Damage

Spacesaver is committed to understanding how our cabinets perform under extreme conditions. In-house and third-party testing have proven the cabinets’ effectiveness at preventing damage from heat, smoke, soot, and water.

Improving Security

All 920 Series doors and handle options provide Viking’s trusted three-point latching system for security and a sealed environment. Cabinets mounted on powered mobile systems can also have PIN access with an audit trail.

Museum Cabinet Vent Intergration

Reducing Resource Use

The 920’s doors seal tightly, creating a stable interior environment even when exterior conditions temporarily fluctuate. That means lower energy bills and a reduced impact on natural resources for institutions that want to implement rolling HVAC outages.

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